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Y-town Swing

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Y-town Swing

Y-town Swing, a local nonprofit arts scene, works diligently to support and promote the arts in the Youngstown-Warren area. Through the generous support of local volunteers, Y-town Swing has grown from a small weekly swing dance event at a local venue, to a jumpin’ and jivin’ group of volunteers, dance instructors, DJs, and organizers, passing along this Iconic-American dance culture in its pure form through continuous education and adherence to its historical roots.


Our Instructors

Save Us a Dance



Head Instructor/Co-Organizer

Darla Wilson has been swing dancing since 2008 when she was taught a few basic moves by friends.  She has been a regular attendee at Cedars Swing Night and has been traveling to events to satisfy her dance addiction ever since!  She became a co-organizer of Cedars Swing Night in 2012, and has recently helped the Youngstown scene form a non-profit called Y-Town Swing to increase awareness of vintage dancing in Youngstown and increase opportunities for dancers and the community. Darla also began teaching  East Coast Swing and Lindy Hop in 2012 and has increased her repertoire to include Blues, Balboa, and Solo Charleston.  While she enjoys all dances, she loves the variety of idioms and musical styles in Blues dancing!   Some of her favorite dance achievements include guest teaching an injury prevention class for dancers at Steel City Blues, directing the ICharleston Youngstown highlight video, and winning a solo Blues competition at Steel City Blues in 2018.

Behind the Scenes

Meet our behind the scenes team working hard to organize our weekly dance events, performances, & more



Co-organizer/Head Instructor

  • Co-organizer of Y-town Swing

  • Head instructor & organizer of weekly lessons

  • Organizer of dance workshops


DJ Organizer

  • Head DJ

  • DJ Scheduling/organizing

Meg has been dancing since she could sta


Co-organizer/PR Representative

Co-organizer Rust Belt Swing Meetup & Blues

  • Co-organizer of Y-town Swing & Public Relations Representative

  • Social Media/Website/Advertising/Decor

  • Co-organizer of Rust Belt Swing Meetup & Blues

Dancers, Performers & Volunteers

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Y-town Swing is home to an amazing team of volunteer DJs, instructors, performers, & dancers.

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