Safe Space Policy

ALL DANCERS As a public social dance scene and supporter of the arts, Y-town Swing endeavors within the limitations of legal civil rights, to provide a safe, inclusive, history-driven and history-sensitive environment.  All Y-town Swing attendees and participants are asked to support this endeavor by respecting appropriate social boundaries, engaging in respectful conversation and behavior, and by respecting the rich history of both Swing and Blues Dance and Music.  

As mature adults attending a public social event we are each responsible for doing our part to provide such an appropriate and enjoyable atmosphere. If however, serious injurious speech and/or behavior takes place within the confines of the physical Y-town Swing event, it is important to us to address safety concerns appropriately and expeditiously. Therefore, we respectfully ask that the following steps be taken:

  1. When possible, the injured party expresses their concern directly to the individual responsible for the serious  injurious speech and/or behavior and asks that they no longer engage in such injurious speech and/or behavior.  

  2. If the serious injurious speech and/or behavior continues we ask that the matter be directly brought to the attention of either the co-organizers, venue owner, or door security.

  3. If said behavior and/or speech continues, Y-town Swing, the Venue Owner, and/or door security reserve the right to remove said individual within the limitations of legal civil rights required of a public social dance scene.

As a reminder however, Y-town Swing cannot be responsible for speech, behavior, and/or decisions which take place outside of Y-town Swing events.  Please socialize responsibly.

By each of us doing our part to direct concerns to the appropriate individuals following the above steps, we will not only prevent possible future offenses, but also avoid indirect, unmanageable, and nonresponsive avenues of information provided through hearsay, third party avenues, social media, rumors, or gossip.  All of which are not effective methods for invoking real change, or addressing concerns.

We look forward to seeing you on the dance floor!