Our Story

Since 1997, Youngstown, Ohio has been the home of an organized Swing Dance Community, known for its high-energy weekly dance events and fun-loving crowd.  Growing and evolving as a swing dance scene and dance community, Y-town Swing received Non-Profit status in September 2017. With the support of over 13 volunteer DJs and Dance Instructors, regular attendees, and organizers, Y-town Swing is an active part of the Youngstown Community and beyond. Besides performing at Youngstown's Federal Frenzy, YSU Festival of the Arts, Rockabilly Ruckus, area nursing homes, and other large venues, Y-town Swing also hosts practice groups, attends dance events and workshops throughout the country, hosts live swing bands, offers weekly lessons open for all willing to learn, and even created an iCharleston Video (See Below). Weekly lessons and social dances are held at Cedars West End, 706 Steel Street, Youngstown, OH starting at 8PM. Please join the Facebook Group "Y-town Swing" or subscribe to our website to receive regular updates.  


iCharleston Youngstown